Retainify is your one-stop-shop for employee feedback. Successful implementation of the Retainify tool starts with a strategy followed by a plan.

Step 1: Start with your pain points.

For example:

  • Talent attraction and employer brand

  • Poor onboarding experience

  • High turnover in employees with less than one year tenure

  • Low retention

  • Toxic culture

  • Leadership

  • Compliance

  • Diversity and inclusion

The purpose is to identify and prioritize your pain points!

Step  2: Develop touchpoints with employees.

Now that you know your pain points, you can map out the touchpoints with your employees. 

For example:

  • 1st Touchpoint: Initiate candidate experience survey after the interview. 

  • 2nd Touchpoint: Initiate new hire experience 1-week check-in survey.

  • 3rd Touchpoint: Initiate new hire experience 90-day check-in survey.

  • 4th Touchpoint: Initiate quarterly pulse survey.

  • 5th Touchpoint: Initiate 360 feedback survey. 

  • 6th Touchpoint: Initiate exit surveys as soon as an employee resigns. 

The purpose is to create your employee feedback journey!

Step 3: Create content for each touchpoint.

Now that you have created your employee feedback journey, what do you want to know from each touchpoint?

You can use our question library to create your feedback survey or build your own questions. Avoid using generic survey templates. Why? Because not all questions in the template are aligned to your internal processes. 

For example, if your onboarding program does not include a buddy program, you wouldn't ask in your new hire survey whether the employee has a buddy to guide them through their first week in the company.

A good survey takes time to build. A lousy survey is not worth doing. Spend the time to create content relevant to the processes and culture of your organization!

Step 4: Communication

Communication is vital in driving survey participation and engagement. Retainify is not built to replace face to face interaction but rather a complementary and scalable solution to stay connected with your employees.

When creating your invitation email and landing page to introduce the feedback survey, consider the following in your messaging:

Who is delivering the message? We strongly recommend someone well respected in the organization. It could be your CEO or Head of HR. A trusted leader in the organization delivering the message helps employees feel at ease when asked to provide feedback.

Explain the purpose of the survey and how long it will take. When you are asking people to do things, they want to know why and what's in it for them. Knowing how long it takes allows them to allocate time to complete it within the requested time frame.

Keep your invitation and landing page as concise as possible! 

Finally, humor definitely increases participation and engagement. A higher engagement helps improve the quality of your feedback data!

Now that you have your journey, content, and communication developed, you are ready to upload the content in Retainify and automate the employee feedback journey.

Do reach out to us if you need help with creating your employee feedback journey!

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