A template is not a survey. This means you cannot send a template and ask employees to complete it. A template allows you to create one or more surveys in Retainify. When you create a survey from a template, you can modify the content at the survey level.

For example, you have to create a candidate experience survey for 2 audience groups โ€” one for face to face interviews and the other for Skype interviews. There are common questions such as, "The recruiter was knowledgable about the job and the company," that you would ask regardless of how you conduct the interview. However, you wouldn't ask face to face interviewees about their experiences with the Skype tool during their interviews.ย 

Another example would be you need to customize just a few questions in the engagement survey based on the five regions you are rolling out the survey. Instead of creating the landing page and questions five times, you can create one template with the landing page and common questions, and create five surveys and customize the questions at the survey level.

A template comes in handy when you need to repeat something with modifications at the survey level.

You do not need to create a template if the survey you are creating is a one time survey (e.g., a recent conference feedback survey, etc.).

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