If there is a survey that you would like to reuse in the future, we suggest you start by creating a template. You can create one or more surveys from a template. 

To create a new template:

  1. Click on Templates located in the left panel.

  2. Click on + New Template button located on the top right of the application.

  3. Go to Settings to enter a Survey Title.

  4. Enter the email subject and body of the email notification (you can also do this later!)

  5. Enter End Date (you can also do this later) and click Save. You are now back on the survey builder page.

  6. Click + add section to create a new section. You can reorganize section tabs by dragging and dropping the tabs!

  7. Enter section Title under the Configuration portlet on the right side of the screen and click Save.

  8. Go to the Toolbox located on the left side of the screen to create questions. Or click on Library and use questions in the content library.

  9. After creating your questions, a pop-up may display: "Some of your questions are not tagged!" when navigating out from the Survey Builder.

  10. Not all questions need to be tagged.

  11. Click Yes to go back to your question(s) to add your tags or click No to leave the Survey Builder page.

The system automatically saves your work as you build the survey. You will never lose your work because your laptop shuts down unexpectedly or when you lose your internet connection!

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