Manual Entry

The Manual Entry tool allows you to enter survey responses for your employees manually. You can only do one manual entry at a time. This method helps you capture data consistently in a central repository.

For example, you like to conduct a face to face exit interview with an employee. Instead of sending this departing employee a survey, you can conduct the meeting face to face and capture the note by manually entering the data into the system.

How to manually enter survey responses via Manual Entry:

  1. Click on Survey located in the left panel.

  2. Your surveys display.

  3. Locate the survey you would like to send to employees. You can also enter keywords in the Search field to locate your survey.

  4. Click on the icon under Collect.

  5. Click on the Manual Entry link.

  6. Under the Employee dropdown menu, search for the employee using the first or last name.

  7. Click Enter Response.

  8. Survey displays.

From here on, you can now manually enter survey responses for the assigned employee in Retainify.

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