Once you have more than 5 responses, you can access the Survey Responses Analytic tool to see the survey results. If you want to slice and dice your data by employee demographics, the 5 responses rule applies. For example, if you want to filter by Gender - Female in the Department - Sales, you need to have a minimum of 5 responses to see the data. If the survey is not anonymous, you will be able to access the data bypassing the 5 responses rule.

How to access your Survey Responses Tool:

  1. Click on Responses located in the left panel.

  2. Basic Portlet displays.

  3. Select a Survey from the dropdown menu.

  4. Click Load Results.

You should now see your overall results for the survey. 

If you want to filter by employee demographics:

  1. Click on Expand arrow on the Filter bar.

  2. Filters display. You can click on the Full-Screen button to see this page in full-screen mode as well.

  3. Configure your filters. To select more than one item on the list, hold on to Ctrl and click the items you need. To deselect an item on the list, hold on to Ctrl and click on the item you want to deselect.

  4. Click Load Results.

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