The Tag Library allows you to customize your reports and dashboards by linking questions to tags (or drivers, competencies, etc...) unique to your organization.

Our Tag Library consists of commonly used tags that cannot be edited or deleted and are linked to Retainify's questions from the question library. 

For example, the eNPS and mNPS tags must be used for NPS data to populate in the Overview Dashboard.

Before you create a new tag, check to ensure it does not already exist.

To create a new tag:

  1. Click on Tags located in the left panel.

  2. Click on + New Tag button located on the top right of the application.

  3. Enter a tag Title.

  4. Click Save.

To delete a tag:

Find the tag and click on the icon under Edit.
You cannot delete tags with data associated with them!

Examples of how tags are used in employee surveys:

When creating your employee engagement survey questions, you might want to create a new tag, for example, My Job, and associate questions under it.

  • Sample Question 1: I feel challenged in my current role.

  • Sample Question 2: I understand what is required to succeed in my job.

Once these questions are linked to My Job, you will be able to see the overall scoring to this particular tag. 

Examples of how tags are used in 360 assessments:

You might want to measure Empathy as part of a leadership 360 assessment. Same as above, you would associate questions to the tag Empathy. This allows you to see the scoring by individual questions as well as the overall Empathy score in the 360 report.

You can also see the Empathy score using our segment report!

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