The Question Library allows you to create and manage survey questions for your organization to use in any surveys (e.g., new hire, engagement, exit, leadership assessment, etc.). This enables your HR team members to ask consistent questions in their surveys, allowing for consistent benchmarking over time.

The Question Library comes with pre-built questions that you can use. Please note that if you plan to use our questions, you will need to use the pre-defined tag(s) as well. Don't like our pre-defined tags? You can create a new question and associate it with your preferred tag(s). 

To create a new question:

  1. Click on Questions under Manage in the left panel.

  2. Click on + New Question button located in the top right.

  3. Select a Question Type.

  4. Complete Configuration box and click Save.

  5. A new question is now added to your Question Library.

  6. To edit a question, click on the three dots under Action.

If you make a mistake (e.g., a spelling error), you can always go back and edit the question. We do, however, suggest you do not change the question text once the question is live in the survey unless there is a spelling error or minor changes. You want to be able to benchmark a question over time. Changing the text of a survey question can skew your survey results!

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