You can set up an alert for rating questions only and get survey responses via email. Question alerts can be set up for both anonymous and non-anonymous surveys.

  • When you set up a question alert for an anonymous survey, you will see survey responses without the respondent information (name and department).

  • When you set up a question alert for a non-anonymous survey, you will see survey responses with respondent information (name and department).

The image displayed below shows Respondent information for a non-anonymous survey. For an anonymous survey, the respondent information would not display.

To create a question alert:

  1. Open the survey you would like to set up a question alert for.

  2. Click on the rating question you would like to set up an alert for.

  3. Under Configuration, click on Configure Alerts.

  4. Select one of the options: (1) Greater than or equal to (2) Less than or equal to (3) Equal to then enter a value. For example, if you want to get an alert for a question when the rating is 3 and below, you would select Less than or equal to and enter a numerical value of 3.

  5. Enter one or more email addresses under the Send an alert to: field.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Click on Preview of the survey.

  8. Verify that the Alert Tag appears for the question with the alert setup.

Once the survey is live, an email notification will trigger when the alerts criteria are met. As per the example above, for anyone who selects 3 or below on the question, a notification will be triggered to those configured to receive the alert notification.

Note: You can set up more than one question alert within a survey. Please note that you will get a notification for each question alert.

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