The NPS Analysis allows organizations to access data throughout the employment lifecycle of their employees under the Net Promoter Score tags, and specific survey(s).

To access NPS Analysis:

  1. Click on NPS Analysis located in the left panel.

  2. eNPS data displays.

  3. To toggle to mNPS, click on the dark blue eNPS button at the top.

  4. mNPS data displays.

  5. Adjust the filters at the top:

    - Select a Demographic (e.g., Gender, Supervisor, Location, etc.)

    - Select a Lifecycle (e.g., New Hire, Engagement, Exit, Other (all data))

    - Select a Date Range

  6. Select one or more survey(s) in the dropdown menu.

  7. Data regarding the survey displays Participation, Overall mNPS/eNPS Score, commentary Responses.

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