If you want to set your survey to have an end date that makes all the links associated with that survey expire, you now can through our survey end date feature. You can configure your survey end date both at the template level and at the survey level. We encourage you to add in your survey end date at the survey level because you may want to create more than one survey from your template with different survey end dates.

How to create a survey end date:

  1. Click on Surveys located in the left panel.

  2. Click on + New Survey button located on the top right of the application if you are creating a new survey.

  3. Click on the icon under Edit if you are editing an active/inactive survey.

  4. Go to Settings to enter a Survey Title

  5. Scroll down and enter your survey End Date (Year, Month, Day, Time).

  6. Click on Save. You are now back on the survey builder page.

  7. Once the survey expires, all the access links to that survey will expire.

  8. The expired links will lead you to a page saying "Oops...Invalid survey key. It's possible you've already responded to this survey."

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