Our revoke feature allows you to revoke an employee’s entry to a 360 that has already been sent. Once you revoke a 360 employee, that employee will not display in the employee list of that 360 (cannot remind 360, see their completion status, access their reports/survey). However, if that employee has already filled out the 360 before they were revoked, their data won’t be deleted and will show in your 360 segment.

To revoke an employee 360:

  1. Click on 360s located on the left panel.

  2. List of 360s display. Search for the 360 survey that you would like to revoke an employee 360.

  3. Click on the Load Sub-table arrow icon located on the left of the 360 assessment name.

  4. Locate the specific employee 360 that you would like to revoke.

  5. Click on the icon located under Revoke.

  6. Pop-up displays “Are you sure you want to revoke this entry for this 360?”

  7. Click Ok.

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