The scheduling feature is a powerful and flexible tool that allows you to schedule and automatically send 360 reminders to your participants.

To schedule a 360:

  1. Click on Schedules located in the left panel.

  2. Schedules display.

  3. Click on + New Schedule.

  4. Enter a name for the schedule in the Name field.

  5. Click on the 360 Reminders radio button.

  6. Select the 360 you would like to schedule in the 360 dropdown menu.

  7. Enter a Start Date and End Date for the schedule. These dates indicate how long the schedule is active.

  8. Enter an Interval (numerical value only) and Interval Unit (Days, Months, Years). Interval and Interval Unit determine the frequency the schedule runs.

  9. Click Save.

To deactivate the schedule, click Delete.

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